Hinduism and Monotheistic Religions

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With a foreword by David Frawley.

About the Book :

This volume comprises the largest collection of Shri Ram Swarup’s writings ever published between two covers. The book includes critiques of Christian and Islamic thought from a Hindu perspective and suggestions on how Hinduism can be practiced in modern times in tune with its deeper spiritual teachings. It also incorporates several short articles and book reviews written for various newspapers and magazines.

ISBN : 9789385485060. Pages : 550 . Publisher : Voice of India


About the Author : 

Ram Swarup was born in 1920 as the son of a banker in Sonipat, Haryana.  He earned a degree in Economics from Delhi University in 1941. He joined the Gandhian movement and acted as the overground contact (“postbox”) for underground activists including Aruna Asaf Ali during the Quit India agitation of 1942.

Initially, Ram Swarup saw Gandhism as the alternative to Communism, and he has never really rejected Gandhism. He continued to explore the relevance of Gandhism to real-life problems, e.g. in his booklet Gandhian Economics (1977). Gandhian inspiration is also palpable in his The Hindu View of Education (1971), the text of a speech given before the convention of the RSS student organization Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad. But gradually, he moved from the Gandhian version of Hinduism to a more comprehensive understanding of the ancient Hindu tradition.

Ram Swarup was assertive about ‘ Sanathana Dharma ‘, Hindu culture, Hindu civilization, Hindu society, Hinduism as a whole and above all for things, issues and ideals Hindu in character.



Ram Swarup


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