Secret of India’s Greatness – Sanatana Vaidika Dharma


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About the Book :

Inspite of all their rational intellectual and boasted scientific discoveries of varied wonderful and even cocksure means for keeping themselves not merely alive and eternal but even for dominating over the rest of the world, as they fondly fancied, all the other great Empires of the past have gone out of existence altogether. But what about us? without all those means which these Empires adopted in the past and which their successors of the western world have relied on and been clinging to the present day.

India alone- of the ancient Empires of the world- exists to the present day. India existed long before such a thing as the history of these great countries began to be thought or even dreamt of and India exists even now as a nation, and that too not in a weak, effete kind of existence, but is living and vigorously kicking on, all the time. What is the secret underlying this vitality of India?

When we have unravelled this secret of India’s vitality, we shall automatically have unravelled the secret of India’s greatness.

ISBN : 81-86719-10-5; Pages : 125; Jagriti Prakashan

About the Author : 

Shankaracharya Jagadguru Bharatikrishna Tirthaji Maharaj of Govardhan math puri; Odisha was the 143rd Shankaracharya of Govardhan math.

VEDIC MATHEMATICS as it is named today was rediscovered by him.

He was born on 14th march of 1884 in a small village named “Tinnievelly”  of Tamil Nadu, his child hood name was Venkatraman.  At the age of twenty years he completed his post graduation in six different subjects like Mathematics, Science, History, Philosophy, English and Sanskrit from the Bombay centre of American college of Science Rochester; New York. He was a greatest orator of Sanskrit and awarded the title of “SARASWATI” for his all round proficiency in Sanskrit by the Sanskrit association of Madras. In 1902 he won the highest place in the graduation B.A. examination.

In 1908 he proceeded to Sringeri Math in Mysore to lay himself at the feet of Jagadguru Shankaracharya Maharaj Shri Satchidananda Shivabhinava Nrisimha Bharati Swami. there he was offered the post of the first Principal of the newly started National college at Rajmahendri.  At the age of twenty seven (27) years he studied advanced Vedanta philosophy for eight years from 1911 to 1919 and practised Brahma-Sadhana at the feet of Shri Nrisimha Bharati swami.

In 1919 he was initiated into the holy order of Sannyasa at Varanasi by H.H. Jagadguru Shankaracharya Shri Trivikrama Tirthaji Maharaja of Sharadapeetha and was given the new name, Swami Bharati Krishna tirtha. He was the Shankaracharya of Sharada peetha and from 1925 he became Jagadguru Shankaracharya of the Govardhan math.


Jagadguru Shri Bharati Krishna Tirtha


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