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  • Translated by Sri Subhash Maharaj Gethe –  Sri SN Sudharsan,

Pasayadan – The Universal Prayer and Biography of Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj – is an English-language translation and commentary on the seminal verses of Jnaneshwari – Pasayadan – along with a comprehensive historical biography of Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj (1275-1296), the founder of Varkari Bhakti Sampradaya whose legacy has had the most profound and lasting impact on successive Varkari icons such as Sant Eknath Maharaj, Sant Tukaram Maharaj as well as the panoply of Marathi literature.


About Author
Sri Subhash Maharaj Gethe was informally trained and molded in spirituality by his father and late grandfather, Sri Karabhari Baba Gethe. Subhash Mahraj Gethe has the distinct honor of having delivered 4-year long daily pravachan series, on behalf of the Jog Maharaj Varkari Shikshan Sansthan.
Sri Subhash Gethe Maharaj is also working on his doctoral degree from the University of Pune, with a proposed title “A comparative study of the ten Upanishads and the Philosophy of Sant Jnaneshwar Maharaj”.

About Co-Author 
Sri SN Sudharsan is a perpetually curious seeker of languacultural knowledge and a metacognitive thinker.Sudharsan is a apolymath – with higher educational degrees in computer science engineering, linguistics and law, from India – and sociolinguistics, English language teaching and philosophy from British Columbia, Canada.

Sudharsan is an autodidactic polyglot with scholarly, near-native proficiency across six languages.

Publisher: JVSP, Alandi, Maharashtra ;  Pages: 136



SN Sudharsan

Subhash Maharaj Gethe

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