The Brave: Param Vir Chakra Stories

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About the Book :

Twenty-one riveting stories about how India’s highest military honor was won. Rachna Bisht Rawat takes us to the heart of war, chronicling the tales of twenty-one of India’s bravest soldiers. Talking to parents, siblings, children and comrades-in-arms to paint the most vivid character-portraits of these men and their conduct in battle and getting unprecedented access to the Indian Army, Rawat has written the ultimate book on the Param Vir Chakra.

ISBN : 978-0143422358 ; Penguin Publishers : Pages : 284 ;

About the Author : 

Rachna Bisht Rawat is a journalist, writer, mother and wife to an Army officer whose work has taken the Rawats to some of the quirkiest places in India. Rachna is a 2005 Harry Brittain fellow and winner of the 2006 Commonwealth Press Quarterly’s Rolls Royce Award. Her first story, ‘Munni Mausi’, was a winner in the 2008-09 Commonwealth Short Story Competition. This is her first book.


Rachna Bisht


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