Cultural Heritage of India – 8 Volumes

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  •  8 volumes (9 books). 7896 pages ; Large Size;  

About the Book :

This is a massive collection of the wisdom of India, gathered under the guidance of the Ramakrishna Institute of Culture to promote the study, interpretation, and dissemination of the cultural heritage of India. The first historic work of the combined intelligence of all India giving a complete and connected story of her culture and civilization. It is a monument of Indian co-operative research in history, philosophy, religion, fine arts, exact sciences, economics, politics, literature and sociology.

Volume I The Early Phases: Prehistoric, Vedic, and Upanishadic, Jaina and Buddhism The first volume describes the geographic, ethnic, and linguistic background of Indian culture, and the prehistoric Indus civilization which flourished over 4000 years ago. It then surveys the Vedic civilization which laid the spiritual foundation for India’s culture and thought. 706 pages

Volume II: Discusses the great epics including the Ramayana and Mahabharata, the Gita, Puranas, Dharma Sastras and other Sastras 766 pages

Volume III: The Philosophies of India Tells the story of the attempts made in India down the ages to grapple with the fundamental problems of life and thought. This volume not only shows the spiritual aspirations of an ancient nation, but shows the relevance of those aspirations to the modern world.711 pages .

Volume IV: The Religions This volume shows how the Indian mind has encouraged and invited different points of view and different lines of approach to the great quest for the Ultimate Reality. It sketches the more important sects and living religions, which India accepts as diverse expressions of religions. 795 pages .

Volume V: Languages and Literature Covers the study of India’s literary heritage preserved in the many languages of the county, old as well as modern. Includes articles on the literature of Jainism, Buddhism, Vaishnava literature, Saiva literature,, and the literature of Brahmanism. 864 pages

Volume VI: Science and Technology India’s contribution to the fields of science and technology are highlighted in this volume. Includes chapters on Vedic mathematics, astronomy in ancient and medieval India, Ayuravedic medicine, and agriculture in ancient and medieval India. There are of course many more subjects covered. 569 pages

Volume VII, Part 1: Following the plan and structure of the previous volumes, the current volume discusses The Arts. Architecture, Sculpture, Epigraphy and Numismatics are thoroughly presented followed by essays regarding Indian Art and the East. The volume is introduced by Ananda K. Coomaraswamy. 1068 pages

Volume VII, Part 2: Continuing the discussion of the Arts of India, this second part of Volume VII focuses on Indian Painting followed by Music, Dance and Theater. The book concludes with seven essays concerning Art and Life. 898 pages

Volume 8: Titled The Making of Modern India this volume attempts to narrate the events of the Indian Renaissance, the advancement of learning and the re-awakening of India’s own heritage (1765-1947), that is, from the grant of Diwani to the East India Company to Indian Independence. 1519 pages

Publisher : Ramakrishna Institute of Culture; Pages : 7896 pages  ; 8 volumes (9 books). Large Size;  Weight : 20 Kgs



Haridas Bhattacharya


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