Interrogating Macaulay’s Children

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The book is a collection of quotations by well known persons from various walks of life culled from various sources, mostly foreign, from the very ancient to the most recent times. These quotes refute, sentence by sentence, the charges leveled by Macaulay against Hindu knowledge system and Sanskrit language in his famousMinute. Macaulay passed these remarks  in an attempt to remove the indigenous education system and replace it with the English curriculum. 
These quotations prove that from very ancient times Hindu education system helped the Hindus to stay on top in science, technology, trade, commerce, social harmony and unity. This compilation is meant to remind Indians that there is lot of colonial propaganda still lurking in the present day educational curriculum taught in our schools and colleges. It is actually a hangover of the colonial rule which harmed us instead of improving our capabilities. Present education system is not a natural outcome of the native genius, but fraudulently foisted upon the unsuspecting Hindus. 
Most of our present day problems and misunderstandings are the direct outcome of our so called modern education system which is loaded with colonial propaganda against Indian knowledge system, and culture that generated it over millennia. The compilation also serves to inform those who feel the negative impact of Macaulay education but do not know the positive side of our indigenous system.
 The aim of this compilation is not to argue for a go-back to the olden days which is not practicable not is it a plea against English language as such. It is an appeal to get informed about the nefarious designs of the introducer of English education in our country, and work hard to remove its deleterious effects and place it on a firm indigenous footing.
About the Compiler
Sri Khandavalli Satya Deva Prasad completed his formal education in commerce and banking. Worked for a nationalised bank for nearly 30 years and voluntarily retired to pursue chosen interests.
Self-educated in various aspects of Bharatiya knowledge system including areas such as philosophy and history of Indian science and technology. His main interest lies in the advocacy of Indian way and view of life in the modern world.
*He has written seven books and many articles and papers in Telugu and in English. He has delivered lectures on India’s scientific heritage to high school and college students for couple of decades. Has also addressed various intellectuals including IAS officers on varied range of topics.


Satyadeva Prasad Khandavalli

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5 reviews for Interrogating Macaulay’s Children

  1. 5 out of 5


    A profound book which introduces how the inferiority complex to anything Indian or Bharatiya was systematically introduced by British Colonialist – TB Macualay and sadly destroyed a glorious tradition of Indian / Bharatiya education system.

    Instead of just counter-accusing the Colonial British thinking , this book provides an almost point by point disapproval and contradicts the Britishers’ false notion of Indian inferiority. It is extensively researched, provides many dozens of facts covering various subjects supporting the greatness of Indian civilization. Almost all the quotes and evidences are from foreign books with references to specific page numbers of those books for those factual rebuttals.

    This book is a master piece that pushes back against the tide of a deliberately created evil, hurtful and cruel accusation of Indian inferiority in a servile colonial-minded Indian intelligentsia. Against this tide, imagine the author in small boat sailing across a huge ocean spending a decade or more to collect daily this evidence in a relentless committed journey. Patiently collecting the evidences to pull down and prove wrong TB Macualay nasty and supremacy oriented false arguments and using the brute force and economic dominance of British colonial rule is nothing short of a master piece of a book.

    The author mostly writes in an Indian native language and this is one of his rare books in English. Though a master scholar, the language and presentation style may not appear impressive at first appearance. Unlike western style of book writing in which the the conclusions come first and it interesting immediately, the best parts of the book are provided in the end. Allowing you to make you up mind, based on facts – not to brainwash you with power manipulation techniques. Considering the academic journey done in an intellectually hostile environment for Hindu thought, you should forgive these small things and put a little effort a drop in the ocean compared to the humongous efforts of the author to bring out this book.

    No doubt there are other authors on whose work, the author has relied for this book. However, I have not seen another short book of 110 pages that totally demolishes the British Colonial and T B Macualay’s argument about British superiority and Indian inferiority. Making T B Macualay appear like a street thug who has neither the intellectual command nor an educated mindset.

    It is a disgrace that generations of the smartest but most confused Indians have unquestioningly accepted British Education’s flawed, racist and primitive view of British superiority and Bharatiya inferiority. This book is a good medicine to treat your mind and recover your good judgement.

  2. 5 out of 5


    Good book very comprehensive – clearly establishes the bias against ancient India and its education system

  3. 5 out of 5


    McCualay Putr or McCualay’s children represent the zombie products of the missionary schools, drunk on the ego of having been educated in the best English medium schools . These best English medium schools are almost always a missionary school that was given lot of grants / free land in prime Indian cities by British government to mold the brightest Indian minds and most talented to be subservient initially to the British occupation, and later to western thoughts.

    This book is extremely helpful for them to understand the Indian concepts, thoughts, civilization and sciences without a negative bias and understand how Indian civilization has been deeply discriminated against in the various government books / establishment since Independence.

    This is a must have book to include in the book collection of every Indian professional, manager, administrator or intellectual. if you have not read this, you are just a dimwit with half-baked understanding of historical realities.

  4. 5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Minutes of mcauley, which form the bedrock of thinking of modern day mcauley putras, is debunked in this book by sourcing numerous historical individuals and their experiences about India. Must read, concise answer to colonial and maoist distorians.

  5. 5 out of 5


    Excellent book! 2 main things gained by reading this book are that firstly, it shares the background and logic why English education was introduced in India. The horribly racist, arrogant, high-handed, racist, intolerant, anti-Indian thought process. So English education was meant to create a deep inferiority complex in Indian by studying in this system. From the record of minutes of TB Macualay’s speech itself – it can be seen that he has very little respect or appreciation for his own ancestors.

    Secondly, the book demolishes the arguments of TB Macualay with facts from various books and authors over the centuries. To keep it unbiased, the author Satyadev Prasad quotes mostly non-Indian authors to demolish the fake arguments of Macualay on which English education was imposed on India.

    This book can be edited and improved in the next edition. While author’s interest may have been to allow the readers to think on their own. It is unlikely many readers will understand intricacies on their own and may need some help to understand the facts.

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